October 2020
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The basic seminar conveys the potential uses of the MORA® device. In addition, it will be introduced to the most important bioresonance bases.

Target group: Doctors, naturopaths,
Therapists and naturopaths

Price: € 250 p.P.
Including. Break snacks, script, plus. Vat.

Duration: 2 days
Fri. 10am-6pm, Sat. 8:30-16:30

Seminar content

Day 1

• Basics of a biokybernetic thinking model
• The concept of “energy” and information
• Functional disturbances – the “three-phase model”
• Strains of the immune system – the concept of therapy blockages
• Possibilities of bioresonance
• Creation of MORA – bioresonance therapy
• Biophysical basics and physical principle of action
• Endogenous and exogenous bioresonance therapy
• The principle of basic regulation
• The concept of electronic homeopathy (ELH), basic knowledge of the
Vibration spectrum: The high pass, low pass, band pass

– afternoon
• Diagnostic and therapeutic modes
• Patient preparation for diagnosis and therapy
• Equipment technology, cables, electrodes, useful accessories
• MORA Nova Software – structure – practical schedule
• the segment test – electrode position and interpretation, practical
• MORA Nova basic therapy and possible indications
• Optimizing basic therapy, using
Additional electrodes, practical implementation

Day 2

– morning
• Repeat and deepen the theme from the day before, clarification
Open questions
• Practical exercises on segment testing and basic therapy
• Therapeutic basis of acute and chronic disease
• MORA – EAP – Measurement – Practical Implementation and Interpretation
The readings
• Possible uses of MORA Nova

– afternoon
• the resonance test: The basics of a simple stress and
Drug testing, practical exercises
• Develop a simple test and therapy strategy
• The MORA Nova – module: Universal programs/
Indication-related case studies
• Practical exercises
• Questions and comments about the software/update
• Final round of questions and outlook on the technical training course